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Le Pré Verre Tokyo

Restaurant Le Pré Verre

Tokyo has become the Mecca of gastronomic cooking following the recent awarding of "stars" by various restaurant guides which have widely recognized established restaurants in this city. The Japanese particularly appreciate French cuisine and the restaurant “Le Pré Verre” in Paris is highly estimated by Japanese visitors.

The Restaurant

The restaurant is situated right in the heart of Tokyo in the very smart district of Omotesando...

Menus and cards

Discover cards and menus of Le Pré Verre, lunch menu and evening menu, menu spices...

Wine list

The wine list, an attractive selection of natural wines by Marc Delacourcelle...

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Address, acces map, phone number, opening hours of the restaurant...

News from Le Pré Verre Tokyo

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2010 august from the 10th to the 31th

In the very hot japanese summer, why don't take a cocktail or a beer in french atmosphere. Our new staff Benjamin will do 2 specials cocktails for you.

2010 september the 28th

At 7pm

Special soiree

« The Philippe's world of spice »

2010 July the 27th at 7pm

The evening's theme is an event both special and traditional for Japanese poeple: Hanabi or Flower of Fire
Le Pre Verre Tokyo you will find these spices in a startling vision.

2010 August the 31th at 7pm

The Alain's wines and Le Pre Verre's spices

Festival Jackie Siegler

Le Restaurant Le Pré Verre welcomes from Fébruary 27th to March 8th, the most prized French Charcuterie (Porc Products) maker.