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Le Pré Verre Tokyo

Charcuterie festival, The Taste of real stuff

Festival Jackie Siegler

Le Restaurant Le Pré Verre welcomes from Fébruary 27th to March 8th, the most prized French Charcuterie (Porc Products) maker.

The way to toward perfection


Mr Siegler began his career in the city of Munster (Alsace) where he learnt the basic knowledge and rigor to make alsacian delicatessen. That is also where he learnt some of the fabrication secrets he uses now.

At 21 he comes to Paris and works successively for two delicatessens, both directed by former MOF (Best French Crafstman) Millot in Vanves for 4 years and Couesnon, where he directed 20 persons at the “laboratory” for 3 years. After being himself to the final level of the MOF contest he opens his own delicatessen shop in the Loire area and starts to study the local charcuterie that he manages to master to the point of being prized seven times in the regional professional contest. In 1990 he settles in Angers city located on the riverside of the Loire and begin to cumulate national as well as international professional prices and trophies.
Diplomas and qualifications

To take the best from the ingredients

Mr Siegler thinks that no modern technique can respect and fully express the qualities of the ingredients as well as the hand of man can do. He uses, with the full consciousness of their accuracy, the traditional French values in the processing in order to keep the genuine characteristics of his high quality material. According to this way of thinking the cooking time can be 18hours, Andouillettes are hand stuffed in order not to destructurate its content, bouillons bases are made with real bones, all are home made...

The quality of his ingredients and his high creativity fed with his never ending quest of new savors brought him toward tasty genuine creations as the vegetables black pudding (boudin), green tea white pudding, oyster and tofu layers with fresh lemongrass soy bean cream pudding, sardines bases “healthy” terrine….


The acknowledgment of professionals and individuals for his talent will be very easy for him to demonstrate from February 27th to march 8th

Special menu "Charcuterie festival"

For this occasion Mr Siegler will prepare us his original dishes based on charcuterie and others inspired by Le Pré Verre and its spices. The menu a la carte main courses will change for the following dishes :

  • Sardine and eggplant terrine
  • Five different delicatessen, (garlic sausage, dry sausage, chicken liver terrine, ham fried in breadcrumbs, Gogue (large sausage)
  • Muzzle in jelly salad, french dressing
  • Guinea fowl galantine (pate) with pieces of foie gras
  • One hundred year stock
  • Egg and meat pie, sate flavored rouille
  • Brittany style meat pie, walnut bread
  • Stuffed pig feet, chickpeas puree
  • Three meat beackehoffe pie
  • Alsacian style flaky pastry meat pie, creamy cumin sauce, green sauce cumin cremee cabbage
  • Ham and, apple and bacon gratin
  • Sate pudding and white pudding, smoked mashed potatoes
  • Foie Gras stuffed salmon, red rice
  • Lorraine meat pie, fenugreek flavored vegetable stew