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Accessibility policy

Le Pré Verre wished to do its site accessible to most possible large number of visitors, and then will improve this policy. For details, consult rules of : accessibility of the WAI.

Rules of accessibility of "Le Pré Verre" site web

Structure of the site :
- The site is published in three languages, the official and complete site is in French. The access to three languages is available on every page, on the top of site, the links give access to the index of every part, each being independent.
- All the pages of the site which correspond to a directory are classified in their respective directory and their name remind their title of contents : their URL is thus logical and is meaningful, relevant to its content.
- The site étirable in 90% adapts itself to all the widths and the resolutions of screens, It was tested during its creation, and regularly then.
Links of avoidance :
- Every page contains a code intended for the navigation by " accesskey ", invisible in readers of visual screens, which allows to go directly to the menu of the page or its contents.
Navigation and site map :
- A menu of navigation situated in the top of every page gives the position of the page consulted in the arborescence of the site.
- The navigation does not exceed two levels : directories and possibly under directories.
- The links towards the important or essential pages are repeated on every page :
- Return to the home page, the top of page and previous page : All the pages contain a link (at the bottom) of fast return to the home page and to the page previously visited. The bottom of page gives, besides, a link of fast return at the top of the current page. The logo of the site allows to return to the index.
- The main menu of the directories : All the pages of the site contain all the accesses to the various directories by the menu under the logo, in the top of the site.
- Left column : The respective pages of every directory are always accessible on the left column and display with the same rules of style.
- Foot of page : The links towards the official pages of the site : "legal notices", "policy of accessibility", "contact by e-mail", "links sponsors", "site map", the copyright and the link to the designer of the site are present on every foot of page.
- Middle of page : The specific contents of every page display in the middle of the page with the same rules of style.
- See the Site map
The links are differentiated :
- The internal links appear of "gold-orange" color, the external links (redirecting towards another web site), seem of attenuated color and appear in italic. In the approach of the cursor all the links are underlined.
Size of the characters :
- The size of the text is defined in relative unit (in relative size and not absolute size) on all the site. Every Internet user can act on the size of the characters for a better comfort of reading. To modify it at your convenience, use these possibilities :
- Touch [Ctrl] + act on the knurl of the mouse
- Toolbar of the browser, go to the menu "Display" then go to the option "Size of the text" and choose
Shortcuts, Accesskeys :
- It is sometimes necessary to be able to use shortcuts. Here are the various overalls of touches following your operating system and your browser :
* IE Windows : Alt and [accesskey], then Enter
* Mozilla, Netscape, K-Meleon, FireFox Windows: Alt and [accesskey]
* Opera 7 Windows, Macintosh, Linux : Esc + Shift and [accesskey]
* MSIE Macintosh : Ctrl and [accesskey], then Enter
* Safari 1.2 Macintosh : Ctrl and [accesskey]
* Mozilla, Netscape Macintosh : Ctrl and [accesskey]
* Galeon/Mozilla/FireFox Linux : Alt and [accesskey]
* Konqueror 3.3+ : Ctrl, then [accesskey] (successively)
* Netscape 4, Camino, Galeon, Konqueror before version 3.3.0, Omniweb, Safari before version 1.2, Opera Windows/Linux before version 7, don't support accesskeys.
Shortcuts of the web site "Le pré verre" :
These shortcuts are usually used.
n : Skip to navigation
s : Skip to content
0 : Display this page of accessibility
1 : Display the home page
3 : Display the site map.
7 : Display the contact form
8 : Display the page of Légal notices.
Acronyms and abbreviations :
- The meaning/expansion of acronyms and abbreviations is made explicit when they first appear in the body of each page.
Vocal readers :
- The vocal readers used by the Internet users (badly clairvoyants for example) mark a significant break when the links are moved closer, (menus notably) some even change "tone" as well as we would make it in reading aloud to mean a "difference". A specific indication is given to the vocal readers to allow them to Spell abbreviations and acronyms instead of trying to read them in normal reading ; This for a better listening and an understanding of the contents.
Desabled Javasript :
Desabled Javasript :
- The event displayed by Javascript on the home page the images of flags managing towards the access to three languages, is automatically activated by your browser in the opening of the page. If Javascript is deactivated on your browser, you have access to this text on the link text menu.
- The images appearing one by one in the top of page are also activated by Javascript, an image is posted as a replacement.
Video animation and sound :
- The video animation in music, present on a single page, asks for the presence of the plug-in Flash Player on your computer, its installation is if necessary proposed to you, in your discretion.
Contents, style, images :
- The code of contents text and the code of location (CSS2 or stylesheet level 2) are separated and special stylesheets are in place. The site thus remains perfectly legible for the users having deactivated stylesheets. The images are commented (equivalent alternative content) for the vocal readers and the not graphic browsers (lynx...)
For any question about navigation, please contact the administrator of the site :

By direct e.mail (remove spaces anti-spam) : restaurant @, or by form of contact.